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Dear GMO Official,

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is proud to have your Group Member Organization (GMO) as an affiliated club! USDF takes pride in its members and recognizes the impact GMOs have on the organization.

As GMOs continually grow and change, we feel that it is important for GMO officials to have the right tools to make the most of their efforts, from membership drives to placing ads and logos on websites and in publications. USDF provides many resourceful tools for GMOs to utilize to keep members involved in dressage, and tools that may help your GMO function to the best of its ability.

This document is intended to let you know what USDF can offer your organization as a GMO and what USDF offers your members.

The dedication of those involved with GMOs has largely contributed to the success of USDF.

Thank you for your dedication to the sport of dressage!

GMO Education Grant Initiative and Grant

Created to support programs that engages members, the GMO Education Initiative helps to provide affordable education programs.  Approved programs are eligible to apply for the GMO Education Initiative Grant, for up to $1,000.00 to help defray event expenses. 

GMO Education Lectures

USDF has created a series of pre-packaged lectures for GMO use for short unmounted events, 1-2 hours. These educational lectures are structured in a way that anyone can lead the lecture and discussion. Each lecture is self contained and provides all of the materials you will need to host a lecture including a lesson plan, handouts, and media. We currently offer the following educational lecture topics:

Using Goals to Improve Training

An introduction to setting goals and how to use them in your daily dressage training.

Finding and Creating Opportunities

Find ways to boost dressage education for yourself and your community. This lecture presents the opportunities available through USDF, online opportunities, and how to explore other resources available to your GMO and members.

Make Success Simple

A step-by-step guide to improve your training and define the relationship between horse and rider.

Volunteer Training

A training module for dressage competition volunteers including scribes, scorers, ring stewards, bit check, score runners, awards, and other necessary positions. This lecture includes the basics of volunteer positions and the materials needed for each position. This lecture provides only a brief overview for scribes, please see the Scribe Training lecture for a more in-depth scribe training.

Scribe Training

Provide training for scribes including hands-on practice with test videos and scoresheets. This lecture also covers the responsibilities of the scribe, the scoring process, errors, requirements for specific classes and helpful tips. Please see the Volunteer Training lecture for an overview of all volunteer positions.

Changes to the 2023 Dressage Tests

Help members learn about the changes to the USEF/USDF score sheet, with a PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

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GMO Trivia Challenge: Bonus Question

National Education Calendar and Map

Promote your local GMO event through the USDF National Education Calendar and Map! The education calendar/map is designed to recognize USDF-affiliated events across the country and GMO events at the local level. Event submission forms must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event but GMOs are encouraged to submit events early.

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Inclusivity Concepts for GMOs

Developed by the USDF Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, the following flyers highlight inclusivity concepts easily implemented by GMOs. It is the goal that these concepts will help GMOs engage current members while attracting new ones.

New Faces in Dressage
Competitors' Closet
Engaging Para Riders

Highlight Your GMO in YourDressage

By now you should all be familiar with USDF’s new e-publication, YourDressage. YourDressage features human interest stories and articles through a first person narrative. Additionally, each issue includes a GMO Spotlight, which highlights one of USDF’s GMOs and their activities. We encourage all GMOs to submit articles from your newsletters, as well as the GMO Spotlight Form, to promote your club and its activities to a national audience. To submit a story or article for consideration, please complete the Editorial Release Form and attach it, along with the article (in Word format), any photos (separate photo files NOT embedded in the document) and video links, to an e-mail and submit to

2021 GMO Education Session: Diversifying Your GMO to Attract More Members

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