Nominations & Elections

Nominations and elections are an integral part of the organization's governance. The nominating process results in the election of USDF's Executive Board members and PM delegates, and the appointment of USDF's GMO delegates and proxies to the Board of Governors. Each of these positions is vital in the governance of USDF.

For detailed information, please explore the links below. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding nominating, voting, or elections, please contact USDF's Nominating Committee liaison, the Nominating Committee Chair, or your region's Nominating Committee Representative.

Participating Member (PM) Delegates

  1. PM Delegate Nomination & Election Process FAQ: Information on nomination, voting and election processes. Deadlines and contact information included.
  2. PM Delegate Nominee Acceptance Form: Completion of this form is required for a PM delegate nominee to accept their nomination and be listed on the voting ballot.
  3. 2024 PM Delegate Biographies
  4. Current PM Delegates: Contact information for each delegate included.

Executive Board

  1. Executive Board – Roles, Responsibilities, Nominations, and Elections
  2. Executive Board Nomination & Election Process FAQ: An overview of nomination, voting, and election processes. Deadlines and contact information included.
  3. 2024 Executive Board Nominees
  4. Meet the Candidates: Biographies and Q&A from 2024 Executive Board nominees will be available in October.

Group Member Organization (GMO) Delegates

  1. GMO Delegate/Proxy Form and FAQ: A GMO Officer must complete this form to appoint a delegate and/or proxy to represent the GMO at the Board of Governors meeting during the USDF Annual Convention. This form can be completed and submitted to USDF from August up until the convention in December. Also included with the form Is a FAQ.
  2. GMO Voting Strength/Delegate Tool: Calculates voting strength and number of delegates a GMO is allowed to appoint based on their roster count.
  3. Current GMO Delegates Contact information for each delegate included.

Reference Materials

The USDF Policies & Procedures and USDF Bylaws provide a wealth of information regarding USDF's governance structure, nominating and election processes. Below are links to both documents for your reference.